Back in 2011, Orange Juice started out as a lifestyle blog featuring content revolving around BMX, skateboarding, music, photography and other creative arts. The blog´s main focus is to inspire people to do what they love, as well as give talented artists and creative individuals a platform to expose and showcase their skill or craft.
Soon after the establishment of, clothing and merchandise was created as a way of promoting the blog, as well as to give form to our own creativity. This resulted in the establishment of Orange Juice as a brand, as well as a blog.
In the creation of our products we place emphasis on quality, comfort as well finesse and diversity, resulting in a wide range of premium products.
Today, Orange Juice apparel can be found in various shops from all over the world (see stocklist for more info).
With the blog, as well as with our products, our goal is to inspire, and support the lifestyle of the creative individual.
We Are Orange Juice crew


Alex Coumailleau
Tom Lammerse