This Saturday and Sunday were soo good! On Saturday we went out riding street at the Amsterdam Business school. This is an awesome spot with some low marmer ledges and a stairset with an outledge (check out the video and the pics below). After that spot we went to the other side of Amsterdam to ride some spots at the Westerpark. We ended up the day with the Amsterdamn AM BBQ at the Marnix bowl. The Amsterdamn AM is a big skateboard contest in the indoor skatepark Amsterdam sponsored by Volcom. All the skateboarders were shredding the pool, not to mention Soulcycle Teamrider Daniel Wedemeijer was boosting some airs as well. After the BBQ everybody went to the big Brixton party which was insanely good!

The next day the Amsterdamn AM finals went loose at the Amsterdam Skatepark, everybody was shredding the redesigned park. You can check out a video of the qualification below. A lot of Dutchies were killing it too, at the end Dutch Etnies rider Douwe Macare got second. He definitely deserved it, his run was sick check it out here.