The BMX Masters site:

‘What a crazy weekend! 14.000 fans visited Colognes Jugendpark to see the BMX Masters 2011. And once again some of the best riders on the planet killed it!’

Almost whole Holland went to Cologne for the BMX Masters last weekend. Some of them went to participate in the contest others went for the sick parties (diehards did both). Because of Soulcycle I got a VIP bracelet which helped me to shot some nice pictures for the blog.

Check out the random fact, the small BMX Masters Holland impression video and of course the photo gallery with lots of pictures which hopefully give you a taste of the Holland vibe.

Random facts:

– Cologne is only 2,5 hours from Amsterdam.
– Love the fact that you can drive over a 105 mph (170km/u) on the German freeway
– Sometimes the camping life is the best!
– When I arrived on the BMX Masters I saw more Dutch people than German people.
– Dutch crew went loose for Desmond and Daniel in the dirt finals.
– There was no airco in the Boothaus club which sucked.
–  The whole Dutch crew was located in the mosh pit all the time!
– Whole Holland crew was shirtless after the party was over.
– Next day we had an awesome street session in the city of Cologne.
– Some riders were killing it, some were just lazy.
– Too bad I didn’t make it too the Girls, Amateur and flatland contests.
– It was crazy to see the whole Dutch crew shouting for Desmond Tessemaker in Pro dirt finals.
– The benches weren’t strong enough for the drunk Dutch crew.
– Shout out to Joey Schaar from for the Confetti!!
– Maddog: why is everybody going crazy for Desmond Tessemaker and not for me. MC: because you aren’t Dutch (thanks Joeri Faasen for this fact)
–  The Gloria party is pretty far from the BMX Masters when you walk.
–  I crowd surfed through the whole club, thanks for everyone for holding me up haha.
– So many chicks with Orange juice stickers in the club!
– After the party we had a taxi race with Pat Casey and his friends.
– Daniel’s pro final run was good enough for the 8th place.
– Hannu Cools shot down the BMX Masters with a huge manual on the big wall.
– Soulcycle and Orangejuice stickers were everywhere: on people, on helmets, on animals, on the course, on cars.

To sum things up. The BMX Masters literally turned Orange because of the Dutch army! There ain’t no BMX Masters without the Dutchies! Shout out to the Dutch BMX scene, we are rocking with the best!!