A Cactus Blood Original – Thee Block

Thee Block; a store owned by Tony Neyer and Aaron Brenner in LA since 2015. These two guys are in the industry for the right reason, helping out small brands to get known and teach the kids everything about the BMX culture. Cactus Blood visited the shop to make this really cool video interview about why they started the shop in the first place.

Cactus Blood:
A Cactus Blood exclusive presents you with the first of the series “Blood Money”. “Thee Block”, run by Tony Neyer and Aaron Brenner has been the hub of BMX street culture in LA since they opened the doors on the 2nd of May 2015. Hosting various events and weekly Saturday cruise’s for Thee Homie’s, Thee Block has been putting it down for BMX and staying busy. Tony & Aaron also run a screen printing business within Thee Block catering for apparecompanies such as The Trip, Peepgame, Livin, Came up and various others. Here’s a look into what Thee Block is all about.