The Ramp II – Trey Jones & Colt Fake

WTF! Trey Jones and Colt Fake are insane! The pair took the Monster Energy kicker/ramp to the next level and came up with some crazy clips down in Florida! This is a must watch!

“Witnessing Trey and Colt’s version of riding revived a very fundamental idea of what BMX is supposed to be for me. Freestyle BMX, for all its abstractness, is the only way to describe it. Doing things because you want to, forgetting the masses, and above all, having fun. Darryl Tocco and I spent a week straight with Trey and Colt and by the end, we were bigger fans of Trey and absolute fan boys of Colt Fake… Enjoy five minutes of honest fun and pure destruction from these two bosses in our fourth instalment of The Ramp II brought to you by Monster Energy…”