Noelle Edwards Gallery interview

Two months ago we received an email from Nick Jones saying that he had the perfect person for the next ‘Gallery By’ post on the blog. His girlfriend Noelle Edwards is an insane snowboarder and recently started shooting photos with an analog camera. We checked out the gallery she sent over and we were immediately digging the rawness of all the pictures. We had the feeling that every single picture had a story behind it. So check out the interview below and make sure to read the description under every photo in the gallery below.

Let’s start with a small introduction: where are you from, age, years of shooting ?

I’m 18 years old currently living on the East Coast for the summer, Vermont/Connecticut. Then during the winter I’m based out of Colorado. I’ve been shooting for about six years.

BMX photographer Nick Jones is your boyfriend, he recommended you to do a gallery on the blog. Is he also the reason why you started shooting photos or were you already shooting before you knew him?

I was already shooting for a while before I met Nick. We’ve been dating for almost a year and in that time I think I’ve definitely grown a lot as a photographer thanks to him. I’d like to think I’ve helped him too. I got him in to shooting Polaroids and we are each others’ best critics.  It’s also just nice to have someone to constantly be going out and shooting with.

When we did a little google search we found out you are really good at snowboarding. You also compete in some big contests. Is snowboarding just a hobby or is it your full time job?

Snowboarding started out as just a hobby but when I started competing eight years ago I fell in love with it. It’s pretty much a full time job. Even when I’m not on snow I’m skateboarding or working out in order to prepare for the next season. Also my new video just came out which you can check out here.

Do you have any sponsors with snowboarding?

GNU Snowboards, Snug Life, Kirk’s Camp, Pom Pom.

What is a normal day for you?

In the winter everything is pretty scheduled. I wake up, eat breakfast, drive to the mountain then train till 2 or 3 o’clock. After that I either head to the gym or go skateboarding for a while. When I’m competing, I’m usually traveling which is when I shoot most of my snow photos.

The fall, spring, and summer are all pretty open. I like to keep every day interesting.

Back to your pictures. Your gallery contains super raw analog photos. Why do you choose analog over digital?

I haven’t made the full switch from digital to analog yet but I definitely feel myself transitioning in that direction. Shooting with film is much more special than shooting digitally. You can’t just take 100 photos of the same thing and then delete the ones you don’t like. I try to shoot the things or people I connect with so that when the film gets developed and you see the final outcome, there’s a story behind it that you’ve put a little more effort in to finding out.

How would you describe your style and what do you like to shoot the most?

I’m not sure if I know what my style is yet. I’m just trying to go out and shoot something new and different every day. I hope my photos are stories people can connect with. I’m glad to be involved in both the snowboard and skateboard communities because I can work with different people and always be shooting different stuff.

Who or what inspires you in your personal life and in your pictures?

Nick definitely inspires me to work hard every day and constantly be trying to get my work out there, so I guess that’s personal and in my pictures. As far as photographers I admire, Cole Barash, Arto Saari, Andrea Sonnenberg and Jenavieve Belair are a few.

What’s your current setup?

Currently I have a Fujifilm x100, a Polaroid Land Camera 103 and an Olympus xa4.

Where can people check out more of your work?

I have two different Tumblrs, one for my more serious work and then one that’s strictly iPhone photos. And then of course my Instagram.

Any shout outs?

Thanks to Nick Jones, Dave Metty, Josh Zucker and Nihal Shaikh.