People’s Store in Rotterdam – Gallery by Ben McPherson

Photographer Ben McPherson hit us up with some behind the scene photos from his trip to Rotterdam with The People’s Store riders Robin Heiderich, Niklas Beyer and Oliver Michel. Looks like they definitely put in some work on the crazy spots that Rotterdam has to offer! Check out the full photo gallery below.

The People’s Store in Cologne represents an awesome tight knit group of riders – Always filming, always on the move, the team is a great example of a rider run BMX store that stays active in it’s local scene.

After spending a week with the guys in Barcelona earlier in the year, I was really keen to head somewhere else with the boys. Recently Rotterdam was calling so I jumped on the train and met up with the guys for a long weekend in the Netherlands. Such a great city, so easy to get around on a bike, and it seemed as if every street had a spot to ride.

With Niklas and Robin representing the shop, and Bub there to film and ride – we had a really good time riding around the city and shooting a bit of stuff.

– Text by Ben Mc Pherson