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After last years success, the ProFreestyle contest is back with not one but two stops in The Netherlands (Heerlen & The Hague). Last year the first Pro Freestyle edition was in The Hague and had 39,400 visitors and 200 athletes from 20 different countries.

This year they start their contest series in Heerlen-Limburg on June 30 – July 3 (south of Holland, close to Belgium and German)

You are still able to sign up for the BMX Pro and Am contests. Sign up by sending an email to or


Tom van den Bogaard (1st 2015)
Kostya Andreev (2nd 2015)
Daniel Wedemeijer
Kenneth Tancre
Michael Beran
Jimmy van Belle
Alessandro Barbero
Levi Weidmann
Tobias Freigang
Sem Kok

BMX PRO Street

Chiel Rieks
Emile Bouwman
Jack Nieraeth
Anne Hofsink
Milan Baars
Lennart Horst
Bart van der Kamp
Robbert van Leeuwen
Joeri Veul
Jorn Tuijnman

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