Rollin in Business Interview – Alex Quintero & All Day BMX Shop

Alex Quintero, owner of the Mexican based shop All Day BMX was nice enough to take some time from his busy life to answer a few question about the store, his story and the ever growing Mexican BMX scene.image1

When and how did you start riding BMX?

I started as a young kid riding around with my brother and cousins. A few years later my grandma went to the casino and won a shit load of money and hooked me up to buy my 1st legit BMX bike

When you were a child and all those adults would ask you, “And what do you want to be when you grow up?” what did you say?

A fucking race car driver.

Can you tell us about the jobs you had before you started the shop?

Helped my grandparents on their properties, worked construction, sign spinner and found the best spot at a bike shop named Finish Line in El Centro, CA.

Some people went to school some other didn’t, can you tell us about your school experience? Do you think that school is important to start your own shop?

When I finished high school I was going to move on to Law School, but after thinking everything over I was like “fuck that I can’t fight with people” and I don’t like to have enemies, so I ended up studying for 2 years at a design school and dropped out since it was not what I expected and my student loan was going to kill me when I finish school. I think anyone can start their own shop, you just need to love what you do.

How old were you when you started All Day?


When and where did it all originally started?

February 8th, 2010 at a small spot that I rented out from my homies dad in Mexicali, Mexico.

Thinking of a shop name is always really hard, how did you come up with the name: All Day BMX Shop.

ALL DAY comes from my all-time favourite BMX video, the Animal Bikes “All Day” video.


How did everything started; do you remember the first day of the shop and the process that you went through before opening it?

After working at the bike shop in the US and living in Mexico, I felt that I would be sick to start a BMX only shop, to help the scene grow and get the same “Dan’s Comp” prices to the kids in my area and around me. The 1st day was sick we had a jam with all the homies and the process was easy and simple, just the importing and taxes is the only thing that sucks and takes time.

With how many persons did you started All Day and who are working for the shop at the moment?

Me and my wife. My homie Mario works at the shop during the day since I spend a lot of time at the US shop.

How can you describe All Day, what makes you different than all the other the shops out there?

WE KEEP IT REAL! I don’t like to compare but with ALL DAY, I just want to do good things for BMX. Always stay positive and don’t worry about negative bullshit and drama. Just focus on making good stuff for BMX and let the hard work do the talking. As a shop I know that brands can’t always have shop stops, the cost is crazy, it takes a lot of time and it’s not easy at all. But that won’t stop me from having events/jams.

When we have a shop stops we make it the best time for everyone. Money doesn’t fall from the sky that’s why you need to work hard and make shit happen. That’s why I believe in:

-Making Jams/Events
-Good prices
-Having shop stops
-Hooking up kids
-Having a team and loving them like family
-Good customer service
-Making edits

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What is the best thing of having your own shop?

I do things they way I like and if something goes wrong its my own fault

What is a normal day for you?

Monday-Friday 6:00am Wake up, 7:45 leave Lily at preschool, 8:00am go to the shop and during the day everything always changes if I got a lot of work at the shop or need to go to Mexican customs and normally 8pm pack boxes or go out and film.

What qualities are necessary to establish a successful business in your opinion?

Be positive, don’t expect to get rich and mainly, love what you do.

If you had the chance to start all over again, would you do something different?

Nope, I am happy how everything is going.

Tell us about the Mexican BMX scene, is seems to be popping off lately! What’s the reason behind that you reckon?

Yeah man I’am so stoked, it’s cool to see more kids filming and having fun with BMX. The best way to get out there is edits and thats what kids are doing now a day. Stoked to see BMX growing and growing.

How important is it in your opinion to have a local BMX shop for kids?

It’s like a second home, its important because thanks to Local shop kids can have place to go, meet new riders, see the product touch the product, shop stops, jams, helps the scene grow and more. A lot of kids don’t know how to work on Bikes thanks to a Bike shops they can help you out and even teach you how to do fix it.image3 (2)

What is your opinion on the current state of BMX and maybe on the online mail-orders compare to shops?

Mail-orders makes it easy to shop and you can find anything you want and shops are awesome because everything I mentioned in the question above.

What do you want to say to all the new BMX pioneers who are thinking of starting their own shop?

GO FOR IT! Be positive and don’t expect to get rich from BMX. The only time you will be rich is when you win the lottery.

What is your opinion on the current state of online BMX media?

BMX media is out there to promote and shown to the world how awesome BMX is. There should not be no rivalries and work together. It sucks when a media sites only shares their paying customers. It sucks when an exclusive video drops for a BMX media site and the other refuse to share, I feel that if the video is fucking sick they should fucking share it and if a website helps supporting the video they should get credit for it. Personal issues can stay away from a websites. BMX MEDIA IS THERE TO SHOW AND PROMOTE HOW AWESOME BMX IS TO THE WORLD!

How important is it for a bike shop to support their local scene?

Super important, shops can help the scene grow and keep the scene alive. IT’S A SECOND HOME FOR A LOT OF KIDS, its a place where they can hang out, fix their bikes, learn how to work on their bikes, meet new kids, stay away from trouble haha and a place were we all have one thing in common the love for BMX.

Shops should not depend on bike companies to do jams or getting the kids together. Nowadays, it seems like some bike shops don’t do shit for BMX unless the have a shop stop handed to them.

The best example is THEE BLOCK its a place where every rider is welcome and they are always doing awesome stuff for the scene out there in LA. It’s a home to a lot of kids were they feel welcome, were they can ride and a place were every Saturday they can go out and ride with a awesome group of people. Much love and respect to TONY NEYER and AARON BRENNER.

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What’s next for All Day?

Just Keep the good times going.

Thanks for your time Alex, any shout outs?

Thank you G (Frenchie)! For making this happen and yes I got a lot of people to thank because I never forget the people that help me and support me: My Wife and Daughter Lily, God, Mom, Grandma and Grandpa,Dad.Chris Moller, Robbie Morales my Brothers Javi, Carlos, Robby, Fernando Gomarin, Mario Cuervo,Demarcus Paul, Ty Morrow, Steve Croteau, Augie Simoncine, DBL DESIGN,Dennis Enarsson, Kenny Enarsson, Sean Ricany, East County BMX, Henry, Doeby, Christian Rigal, Jesse Garcia, Mike Yup, Jj Palmere, Jackson Ratima, Paul Meeks, Anthony Aguillar, Erik Aguillar, Anthony Boy Flores, Manuel E-MAN Cantero, Tony Neyer, Aaron Brenner, Shawn Mac,Potro, Bhory, Raz, Huesos, Panikis, Juan, Cornejo Brothers, Fit,Cult,The Trip, Fiend, PeepGame, Thee Block,John Warren, Fullfactory, Barney,Dylan S&M/Fit, Markit Bmx, The Come Up, Ride Bmx,Odyssey,Mike Hoder, Dig Bmx, The Union, Boom Bmx, Chris Mortenson, Colin Varanyak, Tony Ennis, Deadline, Garrett Reynolds, Bob Pratt, Nick Benson, Ronnie Bonner and sorry anyone i forgot but you know who you are.