The Don’t Ask Questions Interview With James Curry

For the past year or so, James Curry and his crew from the UK have been producing the awesome Don’t Ask Questions mixtapes and we thought it was the perfect time to talk about the project with him! James is a sick dude who just love riding bikes with this homies and show his local scene to the world!


(James Curry Rail Hop)

Yo James how you been?

Yoo! Very good thanks, just working and riding when I can.

Where are you from, how old are you and what’s your occupation?

I’v been in Exeter my whole life, a very small city in the south west of England, I tend to spend most of my time in Torquey though as my bird lives there and it’s a lot better for riding! I’m 23 years old and have been doing plastering for about 2 years now, I enjoy it!

When and how did you start riding BMX?

Haha, I used to race when I was real young, maybe about 8 years old, my mum used to drop me down on the weekend to get rid of me I think!! I used to skate as well but realised I loved riding more when I was about 14 I guess.

When you were a child and all those adults would ask you, “And what do you want to be when you grow up?” what did you say?

Fuck knows I have no idea!!! Maybe a vet or something hahaha I love animals!


(Che Marsh 360)

What’s the scene like down where you live?

SHIT… That’s another reason why I spend most of my time in Torquey, it’s mainly kids here and it’s quietened down a lot.

So what exactly is Don’t Ask Questions?

!! Don’t ask! It’s just raw shit init! Chills or whatever goes down with the people I like riding with.

How did the whole thing started, what was the initial thoughts into it?

Hahah I just wanted to film stuff man i got a VX2100 and thought I should put it to good use, I was going to make a full length but we all don’t ride very often and it would take so long! Still ideas though!

Who’s involved?

Anyone and everyone, if your my mate you can get clips haha.


(Ant Richards Wall Ride)

I know we’ve spoken about a more “worldwide” concept wiht the mixtape, care to explain?

I don’t know really!! I seemed to have gathered a few really good friends around the world and I’d love to have clips of them, still not sure how I’m going to go about doing that yet though.

Do you reckon you will make a DVD one day or work on a longer video project?

Like I said I would love to so badly but we don’t ride often and the mixtape are OK for know I suppose, I just really enjoy editing so can’t keep onto clips for too long!

You also part of the Proper team, any news with them?

YES! Proper are don and a lot’s going to come soon, few trips, new riders! Keep ya eyes peeled.

You recently when to Thailand and explore a new country/culture, how was that?

It was the most incredible place ever! changed the way i look at things definitely, I didn’t ride and went with my girl and it couldn’t of been any better! was frustrating I was only a stone throw away Frenchie and the bais though!


(Ant Richards Over Pegs to Whip)

What do you do in your down time?

Haha not much! Spend time with my bird, eat, smoke high grade. Fuck haters.

Any shoutouts? Jack, Alcock and JayBean at DUB, Justin at Adidas and Jamie at Proper. I’d be nowhere without Jay! Tonash Goodyear for being a G of course and Frenchie
for always hooking me up! Finally, shoutout to anyone I’v ever filmed with for a mixtape… Ant Richards, Josh webber and anyone else! They know who they are.

Follow them on Instagram! @dontaskquestionsbmx @curry_92

As well as this interview, James dropped the latest instalment of the D.A.Q mixtape featuring Harry Mills Wakely, Josh Webber, James Curry, Josh Kew, Dan Nockolds, Zach Hodge and Ant Richards and it’s so dope!! Check it out below: