Desmond Tessemaker – The Full Pipe Project

About three months ago Desmond Tessemaker hit up Tom Lammerse about doing a short video project which included a hidden full pipe in Amsterdam. Desmond knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity so he brought Tom as a filmer and photographer Syo van Vliet when they decided to go for it. They nearly got arrested by the police but it was all worth it since the end result is amazing. Check out the full interview, pictures shot by Syo and the behind the scenes movie below.

_SYO3504 copy

1. When and how did you find out about the full pipe?

As I use to park my car on the other side of the lake in Amsterdam I jump on this ferry now and then. I think it was 3 weeks before we went shooting that i saw them for the first time. A couple of days later Syo did the same thing and saw them as well. As they were located quite far from the ferry I wasn’t sure if they were completely round or just some construction for a building. After having a closer look we were quite sure that they should be completely round as they looked like parts of a windmill.

2. What can you tell us about the location of the full pipes? Are they still there?

The full pipes were located on 2 massive pontoons in the middel of the IJ Lake in Amsterdam. We found out later that those full pipes were going to be used as windmills and were just laying there to be picked up the week after. They are gone now and I am not sure if the project is finished, otherwise there is a good change some more will pass by.

_SYO3459 copy

3. How were you able to get to the full pipes?

Lucky enough my good friend and filmer Tom Lammerse’s dad has a boat which is laying in Amsterdam. This was our only change to get to the pipes as it wan’t really an option to go on an inflatable boat or anything. Tom was stoked from the beginning, so we loaded all the gear into the boat and went on our mission to this beast of a full pipe.

4. You weren’t able to see the fullpipe as a whole before you guys decided to go there. Was it like you imagined it to be when you arrived at the spot?

Until we climbed the boat I wasn’t 100 percent sure they would be rideable. Change was pretty big they had something inside, but i never thought they would be so perfect. 2 exactly the same pipes completely rideable in 2 pontoons.

_SYO3481 copy

5. Did you guys have a game plan before you went to the spot?

Well we weren’t sure what we were going to find, first plan was to go in and out as quick as we could as we were pretty sure people would see it and call the cops. As we entered we decided to fix our boat to the pontoons and give it a go. Everybody unpacked their gear and started shooting straight away.

6. How long were you able to ride the full pipes before the police showed up?

I felt like riding for quite some runs so I would say at least 20 minutes. One of our friends was on the lookout and after 15 minutes there was quite some police watching us from the side. That’s the moment we decided to get off and try to get to a place were police wouldn’t come.

_SYO3487 copy

7. Could you tell us what happend after you left the spot?

As the police was on the city side of the lake we thought lets get back to the flood gate we passed on the way to the pontoons as this would lead us to IJburg which is an area of Amsterdam quite far from the city. When we took of we were pretty sure all was good as police was on land and no water police was there yet. Unfortunately that only took 5 minutes haha. When we came closer to the flood gate we saw some police was there already and after looking back where we came from there was water police behind us, that was the point where we decided to hide most of the camera gear and get the sd cards out. When we arrived at the flood gates police was there and we were locked in.

_SYO3521 copy

8. What did the Police think you were doing at the Fullpipe?

When they arrived to the boat they acted quite tough but that didn’t last long. After a little chat and showing them some pictures on my phone they just didn’t really get why we would go there. They got some calls from people that saw us entering the pontoons and they thought we were there to steal equipement. After some paperwork they all left again and we were free to go with the footage save. Still think it’s funny that they needed 4 cars / 2 motorbikes and 3 water police ships to get to us.

_SYO3514 copy

9. Are you able to go back to the full pipe or was it a once in a lifetime opportunity?

For now I think it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Sure we can find a piece like this again, but then probably on land where it will be constructed. I never saw those laying around in the water before and I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Still really hyped that we made it out there before they were gone and feel blessed to ride them for a short time.