Hessel – Summer ’16 Mix

”BMX, sunny day, shining up my spokes.” – Raashan Ahmad
It has already been 6 months since Hessel dropped his Winter Mix. With the sun blazing and summer in full force, it’s time for 2016’s Summer Mix!

With his mixer at hand, Hessel went digging for the very best beats and hip-hop tracks to make the perfect blend of music to accompany you on your summer adventures. The result: a well over 60 minutes long mix, featuring fine artists such as: Deeb, Soulchef, Nieve, Substantial, Awon & Phoniks, just to name a few; this years Summer Mix serves only the very best.
For this year’s Summer Mix, Hessel reached out to German producer Le Produde, to provide an exclusive track to the mix, which resulted in a remix of C.L Smooth’s ‘Appreciate’, which can be heard in the mix  at around 47 minutes.
Staying true to his signature of incorporating philosophical wisdom in his mixes, in the intro, as well as the outro, Hessel takes a deep dive into the concept of goalsetting and the Icarus deception, and how we all might be flying too low.
A mix can only be as good as the tracks featured, so Hessel would like to thank all of the artists that contributed to this mix, also, be sure to show them your support by purchasing their music!
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Because of limited upload time on Soundcloud, all of the mixes will now also be available on Youtube, including the older mixes that might have disappeared from Soundcloud.
A complete list of all the tracks used in this mix can be found at the bottom of this post, along with Soundcloud streams to all of Hessel’s previous mixes.

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Exclusive Summer Mix Track

 List of featured tracks(in order):
Bridges – Koresma
Hands Of Time (Ft. Alxndr London) – Kraak & Smaak
What You Want Ft. Raashan Ahmad – Paper Plane Project
California – Nieve
I Been – Rhema Soul
Dust – Rebel Radio
Figeruoa – Ill Again
Sometimes – Michael Franti & Spearhead
Never Know – Incise
The Best LP You’ve Never Heard – Last Benevolence
(Not) The Greatest Rapper – 1000 Clowns
Vanessa From Venezuela – 3582
What a Dream Ft. Nieve – Soulchef
Sky High Ft. Chima Anya – Soulchef
Flighted (REMIX) Ft. Agallah Faro – Spliff Hemingway & JazzSpastiks
Young G – Phoniks Ft. Anti-Lilly
Appreciate – Le Produde Ft. C.L Smooth (EXCLUSIVE TRACK)
Move Back – Awon & Phoniks
Ying & Yang – Blessed Beats
I’m A Fool (Prod. By Jim I.E.) – CJ Trillo
A Glow In The Sky Ft. Part Time Cooks – A June & J Beat
So In Love – Brock Berrigan
MLK (Dream Big) Ft. See King – Substantial
The Story Ft. Asteroid – Deeb

Hessel – Complete Playlist

This is a non-commercial music mix, for promotional and preview purposes only. If any of the copyright owner(s) would wish to have their music removed, please contact us! Thank you very much.