Jaws vs the Lyon 25 stair set

Just after I got home from my daily physiotherapy appointment for my knee (since I tear my ACL back in September) I and saw on Jaws’s Instagram that the footage from the infamous Lyon 25-stair set gap was online and Little did I know was that he had tear his MCL too back in 2014 while trying the gap. This inspired me he came back to do it again only 16 months after his recovery! The gap is so gnarly and the footage his insane so make sure you watch the whole video!

Legendary French skateboarder Ali Boulala was the first to try this insane gap years ago and the footage can bee seen in his famous part in Flip’s ‘Sorry. Ali got an interview about it and it’s definitely intersting to read about his view on how the whole Jaws project. You can read the full thingĀ here.