Name: Alex “frenchie” Coumailleau
Date of Birth: 15-01-1987
Hometown: Valbonne, French Riviera, France
Personal site: twitter and instagram: frenchiebmx
Loves: the streets, filming, music ,nature, the smell of new stuff
Inspiration: My dad, the homies, music, nature, any form of art, AK
Mostly post: Interviews with riders and companies, Australian BMX news.












Aaron Zwaal

Name: Aaron Zwaal
Date of Birth: 29 Juli 1990
Hometown: Nijmegen
Personal site: Aaron Zwaal Photo
Loves: Bikes, Photo’s, Party’s, Enjoying the shit out of everything
Inspiration: Dennis Katinas motivates me to do things, George Marshall, BMX related blogs, Reading about photography related things, Myself with boredom.